EP 10: Routine Fables July 6, 2018

Podcast alumni Elaine and Sara return to talk about their year-long collaborative project titled Routine Fables.

EP 09: Sara Cress September 14, 2016

Sara writes poetry about current event, published collectively as Breaking Poems. She was also married by Will Ferrell (true story).

EP 08: Emily Peacock June 1, 2016

Emily stops by to talk about the evolution of her art practice and the making her new film, August, which she wrote and directed.

EP 07: MANUAL (Ed Hill & Suzanne Bloom) March 15, 2016

Longtime collaborators Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom talk about their new exhibition, Raising Nature, at Moody Gallery.

EP 06: Vinod Hopson March 2, 2016

Vinod talks all about the upcoming FotoFest 2016 Biennial as well as his plans for the Idea Fund grant he received.

EP 05: Robert Boyd Returns February 16, 2016

Robert returns to talk abut his early creative influences, his various career stops, and his current tabloid publication, EXU.

EP 04: Doak Procter October 11, 2014

Doak visits to talk home brewing and give some insight into the Dixie Cup, Houston’s oldest and largest home brew competition.

EP 03: Robert Boyd September 30, 2014

We’re talking art fairs! What’s the point of them? Who are they really for? And why does Houston have two?

EP 02: Elaine Bradford August 6, 2014

Elaine talks about her art, how she got into crocheting, and how her practice has evolved over the years.

EP 01: Emily Link July 7, 2014

Emily discusses her art practice in addition to what it takes to put on the annual Big Show at Lawndale Art Center.