The Great God Pan is Dead‘s Robert Boyd joins me to talk about art fairs! What’s the point of them? Who are they really for? And why does Houston have two separate fairs a mere two weeks apart? Robert also shares a lot of his photos from his visits to New York for Frieze in addition to the two local fairs.  Yes, I know it’s an audio podcast, but don’t worry – you too can see the photos using the links provided!

Listen Here:


IMAGE TOUR: Click here to view the many images Robert and I discuss during the show. Each image title includes the time stamp for when it appears in the show.

Additional Art Fair-riffic links and images below:

Left: Robert standing in front of Nick Cave sound suits.
Right: Lego sculpture by Los Carpinteros. All photos courtesy of Robert.

Installation by Jonathan Monk.

Left: Paul Rousso. Right: Niso Maman.

Show Notes:
The Great God Pan is Dead (Robert’s art blog)
Robert’s coverage of the Houston Fine Art Fair
Robert’s coverage of the Texas Contemporary Art Fair
Robert’s notes from Frieze in New York

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