Sara Cress writes poems inspired by current events, and she regularly publishes them online at She came by to talk about her previous career as a journalist, how Breaking Poems came to be, and what her goals are for the project. Sara also tells the amazing story of getting married on TV (for reals!) on The Chris Gethard Show. Sara will be selling printed volumes of her poetry at this year’s Zine Fest Houston, to be held November 19th at Lawndale Art Center. You can also purchase her books online at Breaking Poems

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Sara (in costume for a reading last year).

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Sara and Chad getting married on The Chris Gethard Show. Their segment starts at the 7:58 mark.

Show Notes:
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The Chris Gethard Show, No. 100 — Chris Gethard has been an inspiration to Sara as a writer, and she says Breaking Poems would have never happened without her having seen this particular episode.
Go visit Sarah at Zine Fest Houston on Saturday, November 19th at Lawndale Art Center.

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