My friend Vinod Hopson of Fotofest International stops by to chat about the upcoming Biennial and to discuss all that goes into putting on such an expansive event. Six weeks of Biennial programming kicks off March 11th. He also talks about being a recent recipient of an Idea Fund grant and what his plans are for the project. (Hint: It involves cartography and bus tours!)  Lastly, we get into an impromptu conversation about growing older, having friends or loved ones die, and reflecting on our own mortality. It was a personal and inspiring exchange.

Listen Here:


Additional images and links below:

Photo from the series Madagascar – Unknown Fields by Fotofest 2016 Biennial artist Toby Smith. Photo courtesy of Fotofest.

Screenshot of Houston Riots (Camp Logan Mutiny), one of Vinod’s maps to be used in To Those Who Desire.

Show Notes:
Fotofest 2016 Biennial
The Idea Fund
Memories of My Dad (The post I wrote that Vinod mentions in the final segment.)

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