Robert Boyd returns to talk shop and promote his latest creative endeavor, the art and prose tabloid EXU. Robert also gives us some insight to his childhood days of making comics, zines, and movies with his pals, and then later bouncing around the U.S. as a professional editor and publisher.  We then discuss his return to Houston and how he became an art blogger, an art fair organizer, and now a tabloid publisher. Good stories abound!

Listen Here:


As this was a far-reaching conversation, I’ve provided some time stamps should you want to navigate:

0:05:25 Robert talks about how his creative exploits as a kid
0:19:20 The College Years (He was briefly an Aggie!)
0:24:50 Robert tells some stories from the many jobs he had after leaving Houston.
0:43:10 How he got his start in blogging and that time he hosted an art fair in a hotel suite.
0:54:10 We talk all things EXU and what’s next for Robert.
1:14:30 Robert shares a couple of artist books he picked up while visiting NYC recently.


Additional EXU images and links below:

EXU artwork. Left: Cover featuring Ike Morgan. Right: JooYoung Choi. EXU images courtesy of Robert.
Header image above, from left: Seth Alverson, Scott Gilbert, Ike Morgan, The Amazing Hancock Brothers.

EXU artwork. Left: Hillerbrand+Magsamen. Right: Trenton Doyle Hancock. EXU images courtesy of Robert.

Artist books brought back from Robert’s trip to NYC. Left: Martin Wong. Right: Keiichi Tanaami.

Show Notes:
Where to buy EXU online (You know you want to!)
The Great God Pan is Dead (Robert’s art blog)
Books: Martin Wong at the Bronx Museum and Keiichi Tanaami.

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