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Art | Spill Some Stuff Podcast


EP 08: Emily Peacock

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Artist Emily Peacock stops by to discuss her recent creative endeavors, which include writing and directing a film, staging a solo exhibition in Dallas, and even performing stand-up comedy. Her debut film, August, inspired by her own experiences during her mother’s illness and death in 2014, is set to premiere this July in Houston. Meanwhile, her exhibition, User’s Guide to Family Business, is on display at Beefhaus in Dallas until June 11th.   Read More

EP 07: MANUAL (Hill / Bloom)

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I take the show on the road and visit with artists Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom, who have worked collaboratively under the name MANUAL since 1974. They have a new body of work on display at Moody Gallery titled Raising Nature. The exhibition, held concurrently with the Fotofest 2016 Biennial, has the artists directing their attention outdoors, reflecting on trees and their significance to the world we inhabit.   Read More

EP 06: Vinod Hopson

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My friend Vinod Hopson of Fotofest International stops by to chat about the upcoming Biennial and to discuss all that goes into putting on such an expansive event. Six weeks of Biennial programming kicks off March 11th. He also talks about being a recent recipient of an Idea Fund grant and what his plans are for the project. (Hint: It involves cartography and bus tours!)  Lastly, we get into an impromptu conversation about growing older, having friends or loved ones die, and reflecting on our own mortality. It was a personal and inspiring exchange.
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EP 05: Robert Boyd Returns

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Robert Boyd returns to talk shop and promote his latest creative endeavor, the art and prose tabloid EXU. Robert also gives us some insight to his childhood days of making comics, zines, and movies with his pals, and then later bouncing around the U.S. as a professional editor and publisher.  We then discuss his return to Houston and how he became an art blogger, an art fair organizer, and now a tabloid publisher. Good stories abound! Read More

Episode 03: Robert Boyd

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The Great God Pan is Dead‘s Robert Boyd joins me to talk about art fairs! What’s the point of them? Who are they really for? And why does Houston have two separate fairs a mere two weeks apart? Robert also shares a lot of his photos from his visits to New York for Frieze in addition to the two local fairs.  Yes, I know it’s an audio podcast, but don’t worry – you too can see the photos using the links provided! Read More

Episode 02: Elaine Bradford

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Artist Elaine Bradford joins me to talk about a range of topics, including our cats, beer, and of course her art! She discusses the origins of her earliest crochet pieces as well as how and why she came to use taxidermy. We touch on some of her larger installations from the past and also discuss the types of work she’s doing now. Elaine’s newest exhibition, MASK, opens August 9th at The Front  in New Orleans! Read More

Episode 01: Emily Link

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Emily Link sits down with me to talk about the 2014 Big Show at Lawndale Art Center, which opens on Friday, July 11th at 6:30pm. Have you ever wondered about the inner workings of the area’s largest open-call juried exhibition? Wonder no more! We also talk about Emily’s own art practice, including her use of an evolving narrative throughout her recent installations. We also reminisce about a memorable work of digital art she made while in my computer imaging class many years ago.  Read More