RGB and Sometimes Y Twitter color feed, captured July 8, 2014 at 8:20am, CST.

About This Podcast

This podcast was created out of my desire┬áto sit down with people who have interesting stories to tell. As of February, 2019, I have officially placed the show on permanent hiatus, removing it from most audio feeds. All episodes are archived here, however, and you can listen to any conversation from that episode’s dedicated page on this website. Thank you.

About Me

My name is Brian Piana, and I’m an artist, educator, husband, and father living in Houston, Texas. Guests of Spill Some Stuff were invited over to my house to record the podcast in person.

I can be reached via email at bpiana at gmail dot com. You can follow me on Twitter (@bpiana) or check out some of my own art work at www.brianpiana.com.